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Anastasia Sauvage is a multidisciplinary aerial artist with a background in ballet, contemporary dance, and theater, based in San Francisco. She began her training with a former Cirque du Soleil coach and continued with Leslie Tipton and Elena Panova.

Locally, Anastasia produces intimate events to bring aerial and musical artists together, such as Silks & Strings.

Her fluid, elegant style has captivated audiences from Tesla, Jack Daniels, Hitachi, the SF Giants, and at the Las Vegas MGM Grand Arena.

Anastasia has a NASM and HLC certification. She teaches at Aerial Artique, San Francisco Pole and Dance, and Circus Center. Her classes lead students through performance choreography workshops and showcase production.



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Aerial Artique
132 9th St. #302
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 658 - 7988

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